Laughter therapy

20 February 2019

Presented by ‘Laughing’ John Hip

This session was based on laughter yoga where breathing exercises andlaughter were used to relieve tension. John encouraged the group to laugh by doing a range of interactive exercises. These included:

Each person turned to face the person next to them, grin, then laughed.

Everyone in the group singing like a cat.

Holding hands in a circle with eyes closed; each person took it in turns to laugh and the other people had to guess who had laughed.

Towards the end of the session John facilitated breathing exercises to encourage relaxation; we sat on a chair, breathing in to count of 3 then taking double the time breathing out slowly, to 6. This was followed by meditation using breathing in, concentrating on each part of the body, then laughing on the out breath.

John summarised, ‘Children laugh a lot, but as adults we don’t laugh so much’. Laughter is beneficial for reducing tension. Since practising laughtertherapy John has noticed he doesn’t take himself so seriously.

Ijn the group initially we had to make ourselves laugh, but as the session progressed there was a lot of spontaneous laughter. It was enjoyable laughing together in a group, it relieved tension and we felt relaxed at the end of the session.

Recommended reading Dr Kataria ‘Laugh for no reason’

To look at You tube videos -google yoga laughter India