Positive VIEWS

We ran two highly successful confidence building sessions in summer 2012 with funding from the Victoria Trust for the Blind. They were facilitated by Mark Butcher of MBA in the accessible Discovery museum and left members of the group feeling extremely uplifted and positive.

We have continued with the highly successful outcomes by setting up Positive VIEWS. This is a peer support group which practices confidence building techniques and supports its members in setting and attaining their personal goals.

We have practised visualisation methods of imagining success in different scenarios and run mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique taster sessions. We spent one meeting looking into Emotional Intelligence and how we can use our emotions to our advantage. Different members of the group have put themselves forward to facilitate the meetings. This has helped them to greatly improve their confidence levels and get rid of their inhibitions.

One member said: “Positive VIEWS has enabled me to address issues like my low confidence levels & my negative thinking patterns in a very supportive environment. It has given me an insight into how my thoughts impact on my decision making & that if I want to make changes it has to come from me. The group is in no way a substitute for professional guidance, but it does really complement any support people might be getting outside the group.”

To find out when the next Positive VIEWS meeting will be, please see our Events page.